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Recent News:


The Candlelight Anthology has begun. The call for submissions is out and stories are being collected. If you write horror, science fiction, or fantasy, take a look. It will come out in a paperback book from either Lulu.com or CreateSpace, either of which would cause it to be available through Amazon.com. More information can be found here:




Jonathan has just finished his supernatural horror novel, False Teeth. It has been sent out to a number of agents and is awaiting their responses.


He is working on his next novel (which is tentatively titled The Lighthouse on Torch Lake, and yes, takes some of its base from the short story of the same name that came out in the May/June issue of The Willows).


He is also working on a number of short stories, including one called The Train. He has a particular attachment to that one. Hopefully it will find a home soon. There are links on the top and the sidebar that will take you to the short stories that have been published so far. Some are available to be read online and others are not, but those can be purchased through the individual publications.


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July 9, 2008

Allendale, MI


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